How to make money online in Pakistan

Are you looking for how to make money online in Pakistan?, and you are tired while searching online, and still you have not get exact & real method of online earning, So, don’t worry, you are on right way, in this article you will learn about A to Z step by step all the real methods of online earning in Pakistan, if you are a student and you want money from part time to afford educational expenses or if you are a salary person and you want a part time work to get extra money to fulfil usual needs, or related with any other field, most of peoples are looking for different source of income, especially in Pakistan, due to unemployment , most people don’t have job and they are searching online jobs, actually there are many ways to earn online, but unfortunately most of us don’t the real ways, and no one gave proper guidelines to earn money online in Pakistan, and due to online scammers & fake online jobs, most of peoples are feared and they are not believing on online earning, Commonly most of institutions in Pakistan providing IT education , but they never teach about online earning through digital marketing, only few common courses are they repeating, and you can say they are doing business in the name of education, Nowadays peoples from different countries are making millions from home, just they are doing work on internet, So, here is question who to start as a beginner and how to earn money online in Pakistan without investment, In this article we will guide you whole the process , kindly read the complete article.

Here is List of Real Ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan 

  • Freelancing

  • Blogging

  • Affiliate Marketing

  • YouTube

  • Developing Websites & Apps 

  • Online Tution 

  • Data Entry 

  • Selling Online Courses

1. Freelancing

Pakistan is 4th most popular country in the world for freelancing , and it gets $0.5 billion from freelancing, if you a newbie and don’t know about the freelancing ,in simple words actually freelancer is person who is self-employed, if you have any skill from following you can start freelancing

  • Content writing skill
  • Logo Designing Skill
  • Animation/Video Creation Skill
  • Social Media Marketing Skill
  • Website development Skill
  • Software Development Skill
  • Search engine optimization skill

Any of above, or any other skills, if you have, you can work as freelancer, actually for newbie there is a little bit confusion to start, but it is not very hard to start, it is very simple to start a freelancing, most of us always worried about popular in-demand freelancing skills, So don’t worry start from today and sell your services online, there are many platforms/websites are available to sell your services, you can join any website, after registration you can start work. There are many websites online ,where you can find different kinds of work.

List of Freelancing Websites

Freelancing websites in Pakistan

There are many websites in Pakistan, which providing freelancing jobs, and it not necessary to work in Pakistani sites, you can work on international websites also, just you have to sell your services online, but if you searching for best freelancing websites in Pakistan, here is list of freelancing websites in Pakistan.

You can choose any one from above, if you have any skill and you can share your portfolio and can find work for you, and if you are working in an company and looking for fire any freelancer, So, in that condition you can also find one of the best freelancer online.

Freelancing Jobs in Pakistan

Freelancing work is growing day by day, and a single freelancer after working few years on freelancing sites, now starting a company and hiring other freelancer to work online, it is also best business, if you start freelancing and online and you get a good experience, and if you have no extra time to handle the online clients, you need other freelancer for work, and in Pakistan, there are hundreds of peoples are working as boss of the company, and if you are thinking that you will get freelancing jobs in Pakistan, directly, So, it is not possible, first of you need to work on different freelancing sites, and you need to create and make your work portfolio, thereafter many companies owners will direct contact you , and there is huge work for freelancer, So, don’t waste your time, start freelancing today.

Freelancing Course in Pakistan

If you are newbie and don’t know anything about freelancing, first of all you need to learn any skill to work online and sell your services, there are different institutions in Pakistan and they are teaching about freelancing and other online websites are also providing Freelancing course in Pakistan, and the one of the best way to learn about freelancing is to join The is Pakistan Government’s project to help students to get skills online there are many types of courses are available online, we hope you will get and trend after joining the course, thereafter you can work online as freelancer.

How much freelancers earn in Pakistan

If you are new in freelancing and don’t anything about freelancing and just you heard about freelancing through online, and you are getting experiment about how much freelancers earn in Pakistan, So, here is answer that, in Pakistan, most of freelancers are earning millions rupees monthly, everything is depend on work, if you are a hard worker you can also generate handsome amount from freelancing, So, it depend on work.

Which skill is best for freelancing

All skills are best, only you need interest, and always choose skill of your choice, never join and learn about skill, which you don’t like, and for freelancing one of the best skill is “writing” because every type of project/work, you have to type, without some designing & development, and writing skill is on the current time is on top, and almost every freelancing of content writing is busy in work and many orders are in query,  So, if still you have in find which skill is best for freelancing in Pakistan , So, we highly recommend you to start learning “Writing skill”.

Which freelancing site is best for beginners?

If you are beginner in freelancing field, and you don’t have any experience about freelancing work, first of learn about it and get any skill before starting freelancing, and if you are new and you have few skills and you are thinking how to start and where to start and which freelancing site is best for beginners , than definitely start from , because is one of the easy & simple freelancing website, if you are new simply create your seller account on it and follow the given instruction, and it will take a few minutes, thereafter you can start work through publishing your gigs.

 Which online job is best in Pakistan?

Blogging, freelancing, Youtube are the best online job sources in Pakistan, and you can earn a decent amount through it. And it is always depend on you, that what kind of work you can do, actually there are hundreds of online jobs are available, but most people don’t know that which online job is best for them. Research online and than start your journey.

2. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online, in blogging you can make passive income, starting blogging  is very easy no need of any investment in starting, just you have to create your blog and share your skills online, and keep in mind before starting a blog, you must have writing skill before starting a blog, there is different types of blogging, we are sharing here simple and easy ways of blogging, on the beginner stage you can start from it is free platform from Google, you can write about different types of blog, like you have interested in Poetry, and you have created a blog on poetry, now you have to write on poetry everyday on your blog, or if you have interested to teach online through blog, you can teach through your blog, and in the blogging rule the copy paste work from any websites is strictly illegal and against the copyright policies, So, never copy any content from any other websites, just you can take experiment by seeing other websites, there are two major platform of blogging. (click here for how to create blogger account info)

Blogging Platforms

Above two platforms are most popular for blogging, basically both are content management systems (CMS), is free platform from Google, if you don’t have initial investment, you can start your blog with zero money, thereafter work on blog and rank it on google, thereafter you can earn money from your blog, when  your blog will rank and daily visitors will increase, you can earn money from Google AdSense by placing ads on your blog, you can customize your blog by uploading different themes, they are huge number of themes are available online , and you can also get premium themes if you have investment. WordPress is most popular platform to create your own website or blog, WordPress is an open source content management system. Compare to, WordPress is multiple time best for full customization, in WordPress you can create any types of blogs or websites like.

  • Business Websites
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Memberships sites
  • Social Networks

And much more anything else you want, actually WordPress is a paid tool, before starting your blog or website on WordPress you need to invest money, first of all you must have a Hosting, Domain, SSL Certificate, So, you need to have minimum budget to start your blog on WordPress, and there are many websites are providing Hosting with cheap rate with free domain & SSL certificate, you can buy from it, but we will highly suggest you never buy any free hosting, always invest some money and buy hosting from a brand websites.

Best Hosting Provider Websites

You can buy your hosting from any of the above site, and you can start your blogging career, and after buying hosting, you  can buy different themes & plugins for your site also and there are huge numbers of stores are available they are providing all services.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much can you earn from blogging in Pakistan?

Ans. It is depend on your work, if you interested in blogging and you have passion to make money online, you can generate millions from blogging, right now in Pakistani, most of blogger are earning one lac to thirty four lacs monthly, but if you have set mind that you will start today and will earn tomorrow, than you are wrong, because in blogging you need patience & hard work.

Q. How do I become blogger and get paid?

Ans. If you want to start blogging, first of all you need to research about it, first of all know everything about blogging, read rules & regulations of blogging thereafter you become a successful blogger, and I if you work consistently you will get paid with in five months.

Q. Do blogger make lots of money?

Ans. Yes Pakistani bloggers are making millions rupees , just they are working from their home, but getting millions always required time & quality work, most of newbie start blogging and after few months they left because they don’t get paid and they only want to money without doing quality work. If you want to make lots of money you should need to work hard.

Q. How much money do bloggers get paid?

Ans. In Pakistan, everyone wants to earn money from shortcuts, but it is quite difficult, nowadays if you want to make money, you need to work hard, and most of the peoples are searching for how much bloggers are earning and just they are seen earning of any blogger and they never focus on how much a blogger gave time to his work. So, if you want to make money online in Pakistan through blogging, make a thing in your mind that you need to work hard and there is very big potential in the blogging field.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest way to make money online, and it can be best decision of your life to start blogging with affiliate marketing , simply you have to sell a product of any company through your referral link, and when anyone will purchase it, you will get commission, So, it is affiliate marketing, and if you are thinking if you share links of prodcuts of any company, than why people will buy from your referral link, So , don’t worry about it, it is very simple & easy, just you have to research about products and you have to upload about it with best reviews, peoples will buy directly from searching online, in simple words you can help any company to get more customers by generating traffic from them by using your special affiliate referral link. In Pakistan, there are many peoples are earning millions rupees monthly from Affiliate Marketing, and if you are thinking how to start affiliate marketing in Pakistan, So, don’t worry we will guide you all.

Amazon affiliate marketing is one of the famous affiliate program in the world, and it is very easy , because Amazon is world’s numbers one online ecommerce stores, from where you can buy everything you want, and in western countries every one is purchasing online, and due to break down of Coronavirus (COVID-19), business of online marketing & shopping online  is growing , everyone is now purchasing online, So, simply you have to create your affiliate associate account with Amazon and than you can start work with Amazon, buy reviewing the products of Amazon on your blog, there are more other ways to earn from affiliate marketing but we have suggest the best one of Amazon affiliate Marketing because it is vey easy to profitable. affiliate program is Pakistan’s number one online shopping ecommerce store, and most of peoples are purchasing online from, and recently announced affiliate program, through this program you  get registered yourself with a blog or websites, and can sell products of and you will get a fixed commission of it.

Click here to join affiliate program

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to start amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan?

Ans. If you want to start amazon affiliate in Pakistan, you need a blog or websites and you can also share products on facebook page, joining the affiliate program of Amazon is very simple and easy, we will suggest you first of all make a perfect blog and research on keywords and than select product and write about it,  in Amazon affiliate program you have to sell minimum three sales within three months, if you do not complete sales, your account will disable, So, first of all focus on research than start a affiliate marketing.

Q. Does affiliate marketing still work in 2021?

Ans. Yes Amazon affiliate marketing is still working and it is growing day by day, and it will increase in coming years, if you thinking to work on Amazon affiliate marketing, don’t lose your time, start today.

Q. How do I get a job in Affiliate marketing?

Ans. If you have start your blog and you have researched properly, than you will definitely generate a single sell within one to three months, but make sure you are working on best reviews product, always start affiliate marketing before proper keyword research and niche research, you can waste your time, if you don’t have proper research.

Q. How can I start Amazon Affiliate Marketing in Pakistan ?

Ans. It is very simple and easy to start Amazon affiliate marketing simply create your blog , decide your niche and do proper keyword research, and start work.

4. Youtube

YouTube is also one of the best and famous way to earn money online, you can create you YouTube channel, and you can share your knowledge through videos, right now every one wants and goes to videos compare to reading, So, if you have any skills, like if you are a teacher , you can teach online, buy creating vidoes on different subject, and  if you a women and you have skills to teach about beautician, tailor or other, you can also start a youtube channel and can create videos, and if you want to become a celebrity, this is the best option for you. Creating a YouTube channel is very easy, you need a Gmail account , than you can start.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much does 1000 views on YouTube pay Pakistan?

Ans. First of all start your YouTube channel and work on it, and if you want  to know how much YouTube pay on 1000 views, So, it is up to viewers location, because YouTube CPC is different for different countries.

Q. Is YouTube monetization available in Pakistan?

Ans. Yes monetization is available for Pakistan, you can create a YouTube Channel and after quality content you can enable monetization option.

Q. What are the requirement for YouTube to pay you?

Ans. If you have created your new YouTube channel, So, first of all you need 1000 subscribers & four hours watch time, thereafter your monetization will start and you will start making money from you YouTube channel.   

5. Developing Websites & Applications

Developing websites & mobile application, is one of the best skills, if you have any one, you can earn millions of rupees online, right now all new bloggers & other companies are creating websites, through developer, because everyone don’t know how to develop a website of mobile application, you can sell your service online through freelancing platform and there are hundreds of jobs are already available in Pakistan with handsome salary packages. if you don’t have Web Developing skill you can easily get free and paid courses online in Pakistan from following websites.

Best Online Courses websites in Pakistan

6. Online Tuitions

If you are a teacher, and you want to gave tuitions online, there are many peoples who are searching for hire online tutors, and most of parents are also searching for appoint a online tutor for their child, and you can create a YouTube channel also for online tuition, and you can sell your services on freelancing platforms also. If you are a teacher and want a part time tuition it is good option for you to make money as part time. In Pakistan, if you a teacher or a parent and want a online teacher for your child you can visit & search for different types of online tutors on and

List of Online Tutoring websites

7. Data Entry

Data Entry work is the most reliable and most desired course online, if you have skills in Data Entry, you can make a huge amount from the internet, you know why Data Entry is best because when you will offer your services online on freelancing platforms, you will be hired for permanently by different companies, in Pakistan, there are many private and government jobs are also available for Data Entry Operators. As a freelancer you can sell your services, and Data Entry work is very easy for you, because on freelancer websites there are hundreds of projects are available and many buyers are finding Data Entry experts for their work, some times our team member get a Data entry jobs online, and it was just copied content from image to word, and he gets a handsome amount for it and completes the same work within half-hour, So, it means it is very good skills, if you typing skill and you have best knowledge about Microsoft office, you can get bundles of jobs easily.

8. Selling Online Courses

Selling online courses, if most profitable business online, if you are teacher, writer, author, trainer or any other, you can sell your courses online, because especially in Pakistan, we have noticed that students are not interested in institutions classes they are avoid to appear and when same course they see online, they purchase it, So, in this digital world, everyone is now searching online, and you can see most of institutions are teaching online and they are selling their paid courses also, but most of us don’t know how to sell courses online, So don’t worry we will guide you all, but we will suggest you first of all try to make your blog or a YouTube channel first, and start work on it, and upload some free content  and share with social medias and encourage the peoples , and when you see the peoples are interested , than launch a premium course and sell on it online, without social networking it is quite difficult.

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