How to create blogger account- Easy & Simple steps to create blogger account

It is very easy to join blogger, if you are new follow the instructions given bellow.

Step 01- Open from your browser

You can join Blogger through your Email ID, Simply Sign In with your Gmail ID.

Step 02- Sign in with your Gmail account

Step 03- Choose a name of your blog

Choose name of your blog, you can choose any name, for example I am choosing “My daily life”

Step 04- Choose a URL for your Blog

Choosing URL of blog is some time difficult for beginners, because they don’t have idea about it, and most of URL names are already taken, So, it is very simple just type URL of your choice as per your blog topic, it will shown as your blog identity, for example I am getting “mydailylifeactivities” for myself, but you can choose your URL name, and if you face error of “the blog address is invalid or not supported” it mean the URL name you typed is unavailble, So, try to type different name of URl & you will find easily & simply click next.

Step 05- Confirm your Display Name

Confirm your display name, you can set any name of your choice, try different names if you found name is not available & it will display on top of your blog, for example, I am choosing ” Life Goals” for my display name. & simply click on finish.

Congratulations, You blogger account is created successfully. Now you can use Blogger easily.

Learn how to create blogger in Video tutorial

Learn how to complete use of blogger in Video tutorial

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