How to write a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan

If you are living Pakistan or if you are Pakistani and living abroad , and you have any legal complaint and want to send direct to Chief justice of Pakistan, today we will guide you how to write a letter to chief justice of Pakistan directly, actually most of people don’t know and they are thinking that chief justice of Pakistan never read or receive letter of anyone directly, but there is way to send direct letter to chief justice of Pakistan, in this article our aim is to facilitate you to write & deliver your problem with Chief Justice of Pakistan, actually any officer of Pakistan never accept letter/complaints & other Misc work directly, they always get it through their dispatch clerk. Most of us don’t know how to write a letter and how to deliver us.

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There are many more question rising on internet, we are giving you best and easy format to write application to any officer of Pakistan, here is a format of How to write letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan, in future we will further upload. As you all know about government departments of Pakistan, when we visit any department there are hundreds of peoples are already waiting there, no one have time to give information and suggestion, So, it is lit bit confusion to send letter to those department, well here is our topic to send letter to only chief justice & judges of Pakistan.

We are writing a letter to Chief justice of Pakistan containing therein about a civil case which is pending in district court of an area ( this is just for your information) you can get just idea that how to write letter and how to usage best words for a Judge , and in last we will guide you how to deliver the letter, So read the complete article.

After completing your application, send on the address of officer, suppose we are sending to chief justice of Pakistan, make sure you will send it as below:-


               The Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan (Confidential)


Thereafter you on the other side of envelope you can write your name, and must enclose word (confidential) in address of any officer, because confidential letter will receive & open only officer himself, if you will send direct without “confidential” it will receive by any dispatch clerk and he will not send the same to respective officer.

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